Reviews of the Disciples’ Literal New Testament:


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Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars very helpful, September 29, 2011 by Chaz (Montana, USA)

I own both the TRANSLINE and now this more concise volume. For more in depth considerations of the various greek words and phrases, consider the TRANSLINE. But be aware that it is 2.5 inches thick and hardly suitable to carry around. This volume, however, is reasonably portable. While what I learned in my years of studying greek has faded, I remember enough to be able to say with confidence that as far as I am concerned, you will not find any translation–and I own numerous–that is more true to the greek. It is also simply refreshing to read as I find it well written even within the restrictions for the sake of accuracy the translator held himself to. Have a look at his web page for a better idea of his methodology in translation and format. There you can even download .pdf versions of this volume.



Reviews of the TransLine:

By M Palmer

 Hello…i ordered a TransLine bible from Amazon and wow what a resource. I am a seminarian, i know Hebrew, Greek and stick mainly to scholarly original language resources. I have literally thousands of resources. I don’t say this to brag but only to say the TransLine bible will be one of my most used resources among the thousands I have. Thank so much for your hard work in putting this together! I think one of the best features of it is the overview. It will really help to follow the thought flow through the books. Now, if I only had a TransLine Old Testament!! The only hindrance for me will be the fact that it is not digital. I access all my resources via my iPad. Is it possible to get the overviews electronically? Thanks again for your great work!


5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous Resource!  By Beau Abernathy (Lawrence, KS)

“I have been a pastor for almost 20 years and your TransLine is an extremely valuable resource! One of the challenges confronting pastors is time – especially taking the time to outline the passage so it is accurate, excellent and memorable. Your work has been a lifesaver for me! I appreciate your labor of love so much. I use your book almost every day and have recommended it to many friends.”


By Bruce Fidler, Pastor (Seattle, WA)

This book is an all-in-one study aid that combines the resourcefulness of several books typically used to get at a closer study of the Greek text.  Consequently, it’s efficient, affordable and readable, and can be obtained online or through any ordinary bookstore.  Some of the key features are:

A multilayered outline showing grammatical connections between ideas and phrases expressed in the text.

Detailed notes on the basic meaning of the Greek words and their use in other NT locations.

A literal translation which flushes out many of the subtleties of the Greek including words emphasized by the biblical authors.

It’s kind of like having a concordance, a transliteration a Greek lexicon and a texual commentary all rolled into one.  Plus, you don’t have to read Greek.  It’s also free of theological bias, and is written by an evangelical.


By Edward Berry (Brodhead, Kentucky)

Thank you, Zondervan, for publishing such a great work.  The Transline NT is a joy to just read and study.  When I read it I feel like I am reading the Greek NT.  The literalness of the Transline NT brings out the Greek ways of speech into English wonderfully.  The notes are fantastic and extremely helpful.  I cannot thank Zondervan and Mr. Magill enough for the Transline NT.


By Edward Berry (Brodhead, KentuckyUnited States)

This is the best NT out yet.The text follows the greek text as close as possible in english.The flow of thought of the greek comes out very nicely in the outline format as well as greek idoms and exspressions of thought.The notes on facing page(all right pages)are excellant.This NT is an excellant work and for those of us who have a working knowledge of NT greek,it will help you to read the greek NT.


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Study Resource By SLS (Phoenix, AZUSA)

After perusing the New Testament Transline all I can say is–“WOW!” Being a teacher and perpetual student of New Testament Greek, I am amazed at just how well-done this resource is. It so closely parallels the New Testament Greek, and yet is not unintelligible for English readers. And the commentary notes and concise word studies (drawing from BGAD and Lidell and Scott) are truly outstanding. The author does a good job of providing a variety of interpretations without allowing his own biases to come to the surface. No grinding the proverbial “theological ax” here. And the fact that so many of the words provide links utilizing the GK numbering system makes further and more comprehensive study possible for the enthusiast. All of this makes this resource a “must” for any pastor, teacher, or just anyone who wants to do the kind of indepth, deep-down study that lovers of God’s word love to do. I give this resource not merely a “5” but a “10” star rating.

The only way it could possibly be improved is if they could do a parallel format including the Greek text. I hope Zondervan will consider doing that. Kudos to author Michael Magill for a truly outstanding work!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars A great referee! By ken_diercouff  (Colorado Springs, COUSA) –

The TransLine is absolutely excellent. The text is fresh and fairly easy to read, even though it is a literal rendering (read the Intro to understand the translation specifics). One could actually use the text as a primary translation; the wording and sentence structure is modern. (However, due to the literal nature, some of the tenses seem strange.) The notes are necessary to fully understand the text and options chosen.

The translator notes are concise but helpful. They express little in the way of unneeded bias and fairly delineate various interpretive options. I find the freedom from denominational bias to be refreshing.

The outline form can be distractive at times, but does help to break down the flow of the author’s arguments.

I will use this book extensively to prepare Bible studies or in my own study. It is a little bulky to carry around, but that’s a small price to pay. If you read the Bible a lot, you’ll need the TransLine. Five stars!


5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful By A Customer

New Yestament Transline certainly helps readers to see the flow of the text. If has lots of useful notes and is very useful for word studies. It does not, however, include the Greek text of the New Testament.