TransLine ImagePlow deeply into the Greek New Testament without knowing any Greek!

The fresh eye-opening translation in these two books will give you an exciting reason to read and study the NT again!  It brings you closer to the Greek text than even the most literal word-for-word English translations, allowing you access to the many nuances of Biblical Greek. It retains the writing style of the apostles themselves, rather than transforming their Greek ways of writing into an elegant or contemporary English writing style, as has been beautifully done so many times. In addition, these books set you free from our artificial 460 year old chapter and verse structure, replacing it with paragraphing that reflects the flow of thought in the original Greek writings. The New Testament Transline: A Literal Translation in Outline Format puts the NT text in outline format so as to visually display the flow of thought contained in the Greek words. It includes detailed study notes on the facing page. The Disciples’ Literal New Testament: Serving Modern Disciples by More Fully Reflecting the Writing Style of the Ancient Disciples is in paragraph format, with exegetical paragraph headings that make the flow of thought explicit to you. Now you can read the New Testament as the original writers intended it, and see it with a clarity formerly available only to those who could carefully study their Greek New Testament. These books put the power to understand God’s word at a much deeper level into the hands of all God’s people.

Read God’s word again for the first time!

See the words and phrases that the original writer repeated or emphasized, and many nuances not visible in the polished English translations. See where they say things more explicitly or less explicitly than our standard translations, and ponder the meaning of it for yourself. Go deeper by meditating on the alternate renderings and the various views of a verse. You will ask better questions, and have deeper conversations with your pastor and family and friends. This resource will serve you well as a starting point for your studies, and a complement to the other tools you use. It allows you to start the race much further down the course.

Take a seat at the translator’s table, and evaluate the other translations you use!

Are you confused by the numerous versions of the Bible available today? Our many translations seek to achieve several different goals, such as fidelity to the original, simplicity, readability, striking phraseology, beauty, or modernity. But how can you evaluate their merit? This translation provides you an objective standard by which you can see the translation choices made by our various versions. It provides a vantage point from which you can better understand the New Testament, and better see how the other versions smoothed out, clarified, or interpreted various words and phrases. Here you will see the raw material with which all translators begin, and reach a depth of understanding formerly available only to those who know Greek. You will have a ringside seat at the translation table and a clear view of the translators’ work. As a result, you will understand and appreciate your own favorite version even more.